Moran Ben-Hur



Omri Amoyal



Studio BA – Innovative Office Design

We believe in designing an office workspace that will attract young innovative minds.

We invest, a lot of creativity, effort and time. Designing High tech offices, with an innovative employee personal work area, meet up spaces, dining space, game rooms & alternative sitting.

Studio BA has evolved around the Innovative High-tech Israeli community & Industry, in order to re-define the high tech office design. Founded as a Young spirit firm by Architect Moran Ben Hur & Interior Designer Omri Amoyal in 2008.  The studio mainly focusing in planing  and designing research & development centers. having a vast Experience with companies such as Microsoft , Autodesk, Gartner Quixey and more….

Our Work process covers all that needs in order to design the interior of a good innovative office, and it includes Research and testing of customer needs. Plans\drawings, 3D renderings, Technical specifications, end units location systems (electrical air etc.), carpentry and decoration.

Ben Avigdor 18, Tel-Aviv, Israel,