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  • Jonathan Seroussi Director, AutoCAD Web and Mobile, Autodesk Israel General Manager

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    It was only after working with BA that we understood there is a different way of creating a work space, far beyond the standard we had been accustomed to. The main challenge was to create a work space that enables flexibility in accordance with frequently changing projects. BA's plan for the office, which includes versatile shapes and open space seating, enables me to be flexible and to switch, change, and make use the space in different ways based on the project’s needs. The division into groups and sub-groups in an open space enables each employee to find his or her place in the project but also allowed the creation of a dynamic social fabric. Beyond the work spaces, BA knew how to convert the public spaces into a livable space, giving the employees a place to come together as a social group. Every simple and daily element such as a dining table, a meeting room, or a hall for company lectures, became an important place in the center of the office and was designed in a way that made us singular and gave us inspiration.

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I loved it that BA were attentive and I found solutions arising from research and familiarity with our company. They knew the plan work spaces that allow private employees with regard to a broad public space. The firm provides planning, design, systems integration consultants and approval authorities, project management and supervision in the field. The…

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